To give them a boost, end policies that codify car worship

[This article appears in CommonWealth Magazine.]

Coming from Newton I should have known that Greater Boston has hundreds of wonderful little downtowns and village centers, the hearts of walkable neighborhoods. Newton itself has 13 villages. I grew up walking to downtown Newtonville for blue slush puppies and books at the…

There has been a lot of press about Greater Boston’s housing shortage and growth pains. The suburbs are over-restricting development. Home prices are escalating. And still, traffic is stealing family dinners and putting jobs at risk.

What has garnered less attention is Greater Boston’s plan for growth — what the…

I’ve been touring Greater Boston with my kids, and here are some of my favorite excursions. Some are off-the-beaten-path, and many reflect my particular interest in urban/suburban planning.

I welcome your recommendations as well.

1. Zimman’s and murals in Lynn

Lynn’s Zimman’s is a fantasy in fabric rolls, a color…

Amy Dain

Public policy research: housing and land use, data use in public management, and environmental issues. Greater Boston. Instagram, Twitter: @amydain

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