Pig Cupcake Agony and Other Delights, in Greater Boston

I’ve been taking my kids to tour the cities and towns of Greater Boston on our weekends. Here are some of my favorite things.

Pig cupcake agony. In Danvers.

Shops in Newton.

Beverly beauty.

Going swimming in Scituate.

Hanging out in Natick.

We arrived after a hail storm, and had the place to ourselves. In Ipswich.

This Main Street facade hurt my brain. Or maybe I just had a headache. Actually, I tour cities and towns on a hunt to find buildings and spaces as cool as this one. In Ashland.

Holbrook Town Hall. The plaque on its nose says that it is a gift from Mr. Holbrook.

Malden Gardens. In Malden.

Color therapy. In Lynn.

If I were to assemble the perfect little downtown, it would include this. In Rockland.

I’m not so sure about that theory. In Gloucester.

Glamour. In Gloucester.

Blue and orange plaid. In Cambridge.

Pretty in Peabody.

Happy in Hudson.

Little sad corvette. Bonus: a granite lined river. In Braintree.

Cute hydrant. In Salem.

I approve of these hedges. In Salem.

Dill overkill. In Lincoln.


1930 Art Deco bathhouse (and my daughter posing as a fixture in it). In Hull.

At the Topsfield Fair, the winning dahlias are stunning, the winning pumpkin ridiculous, and the second place kale…

Soup. In Walpole.



This is a good point.

Stick with me kid, and you get dinner in a downpour under a granite bridge. In Belmont.

Public policy research: housing and land use, data use in public management, and environmental issues. Greater Boston. Instagram, Twitter: @amydain